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About us

DEDSHIRTs were born in 2009 in Andrea Pes’ mind, following endless requests by his own drawings that, every night, claimed living human bodies!

He named them DEDSHIRTs since DED has the same sound as DEAD but it is not such an obvious word, which inspired him the features of a vintage reaper that became the related brand.

Every collection or t-shirt series has always been characterized by its original illustration, with an ad-hoc concept and creation, drawing inspiration from popular culture, death, street art, punk rock, decay, tattoos, snarky creativity, skulls, social unrest, splatter, illuminated codex and criminal symbology.

After printing the first 100 DEDSHIRTs in 2010, the project has substantially evolved, setting aside screen printing and computer to focus on craftsmanship.
Nowadays, every illustration is manually carved on a lino matrix which is then inked and used as a stamp, printing the drawing on the fabric, just like people used to do back in 1500.

Every item is unique and original, refined with artisanal care in very high quality numbered limited editions, where any seeming imperfection contributes to the item uniqueness.
We do not know whether there is a name for this, so we have dedicated a new word to this process: DEDSHIRTs.